oh boy election time…

Oh boy,we are close to the elections the great time were we get to exprese are freedoms as americans and elect a new president,when chose the person we beleve will best represent us and have all of our best intrest in mind for economic growth and all around unity to all the races…yeah right.

First off it really dosen’t matter who we vote for democrat,republican,left,right,up or down its all two sides of the same coin,its pretty much a crap shot for the lesser of two evils.They all say what ever shit they have to say to get funding and backing but once there in they tend to do what they want regardlss they just become the puppet to blame at the time there all ruled by the real shot callers (the reality manufacturers).

I have a feeling that the war monger hillary is going to be let in this round only because there trying to show how america haw has been fully changed and to run with the whole men havent gotten any good done they even tried a black man and he destroyed the country which unfairly gives a bad image for the next black man that trys to run who could maybe be the best thing that could happen but this will linger with people.There going to push the continuing equal rights agenda how woman should be in office and im not sexiest but all the women pushing for this i feel has helped destroy the true image of family.

But nothing is going to change unless we as a people get over the petty thinvgs they have us fighting each other over and get rid of the ones that control us and are able to truly pick honest human beings to represent us because there way hasn’t worked yet


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