So three weeks ago i was  doing a good amount of heavy lifting and running up and down a ladder,so i thought i had a hernia (and a little hopeing).

Well when i made it to the doctor they told me that it was not and had to run all kinds of scans and test for a solid week and a half to where it was confirmed that it was testicular cancer and being a fairly young man and being told you were losing one in the next day or two didn’t hit me as hard as you might think(i think it didn’t have enough time to sink in really the ordeal was a blur).I took the two-hour operation and even walked out on my own strength ,I kinda cheated a little by getting stronger meds then what they gave me,which was a bad move because instead of resting i tried painting a house 3 days later and continued walking over a mile a day.

But being a 2 year recovering heroin addict that didn’t want to be doing any drugs i stopped after a week but it still takes a couple of days to make a complete connection to your brain and i even stopped taking the ones they gave me,well when they ran out of my body it was like every oz of strength and energy was sucked out of me.I couldn’t walk (or crawl due to the  returning pain and dragging it across the floor was no good)  my wife had to help me sit up in bed and had to use a bed pan i was not used to that type of helplessness and did not like it,and this was really just the start of the road of recovery.  

Two weeks after that i had to have a port put into my chest because the next week i was to start chemotherapy because the cancer spread through a large part of my body including my stomach,back,lungs,and all the way to my neck,before the surgery the doctor sair he could feel several lumps in my abdomen and one in my neck,two weeks after the surgery i went for a check up and she then said the ones in my stomach had shrunk or disappeared which shocked her a little,but i was healing fine and the next step was to start chemo.

There plan is to put me through a pretty rough treatment of one five days the first week at five hours a day then the next two Mondays and the third week start th process all over again (at the time im writing this i went through the first week and it was tiring, loss of energy is common and i felt it).As far a throwing up and stomach discomfort i haven’t had a problem with it,truth be told after dealing with heroin withdrawal this is nothing which i don’t suggest anybody get an addiction just incase you have to deal with chemo one day (lol),but at least i can think of a plus from my stupidity and dumb choices.

I have had a few of the other patients there say they feel bad and im to young to be dealing with it but i feel lucky that i get to fight this while im still strong and i can bounce back,i see the 50,60,even 80 year olds who will have to most likely be there till the day they die because there body isn’t strong enough to truly heal and beat the cancer.

I will contine to post my progress as the weeks continue .


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