I spend many days trying to figure out when we are going to hit are breaking point (not just us but the whole world included) and stand up and be like “enough is enough”,the world is in a sad state of affairs, hell we even moved up a “defcon” level.

One of the things that pisses me off to no-end is the comments made by ingnorant people of the world that refer to the people of a particular nation as ools,or greedy,and even monsters that deserve what ever tragedy befalls on them because of the decision of there leaders and the piss poor choices they make on behalf of the nation they lead.

Let’s take America as a example.I truly love my country and when i was growing up i believed that we were the global good guys that would answer the call of nations and people that needed help,being the world power that helped the little guy wheater from a desaster or unfair treatment because we believed every man regardless of color and religion deserve to li a life of freedom.we would swoop down and help them rebuild there way of life.

But we can see thats not the case anymore,we invade places that need our help and try to control them,along with all the down right wrong things this country has done to the rest of the world its not that hard to see why were hated,but when you read comments like”America needs to be bombed” or how Americans are out to destroy the world by starting wars with everyone, i have to say to the world  that 90% of us in the country do not agree with anything that our government is doing and most of use would love nothing more then to have a government that was more concerned with fixing itself and mind its buisness.

Now im not one to let people suffer if there is sometging i can do for them,but i always had to keep in mind that i have to take care of myself before i can ever think to be in a condition to help other people.Seeing how this country is now over $18 trillion dollars in debt for money that we have no say to how its spent (and its never for our best intrest but we foot the bill.I tell myself that we have to come together and end this crazyness,i like to think that most of the world truly wants the same thing as i do,to raise there kids by there turms and in a house that they can leave in there family in a job were it wont feel like slave labor( those that have one).

You can see that one bloodline controls the world,its knwn that along with many of the past presidents are related to each other and even many of the riches movie stars.All haveing Vlad “the impaler” in the roots of there family tree ,we even find that prince Charles is also related to mr Vlad meaning that the royal family is wrapped up into the tree (funny how there wre many storys of the higher ups especially the royal family haveing a reputation of “drinking blood” and they are related to the most famous “blood drinker” in history,so maybe there is some truth to these storys). 

 It would seem that the ones in control have giving there puppets all over the world to begin with comlete global upheaval because its the whole world thats screwed way more then normal,wheather to keep us in constant fear of war.I beleive we need to get all the ones in charge out of power and start the whole system over,non of this democrat or republic shit because it dont work.Both sides have proved time and time again there only out to destroy the common man but have no problem taxing them to death.

We meaning the people of the world need to make a serious change before we let them destroy us remember these people run there mouths then decide to send the common folks to fight a war that they never have to do and all they have to do is say some bull shit and its nothing to them to send thousands to there death without loosing a bit of sleep.WAKE UP PEOPLE!!


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