The conclusion that i have been coming to is that there is absolute evil in the “hexagon” but it seems to revolve around spiritual and religious based,but there is also a connection with the “octagon” but in the form of every police and military complex,it seems that the powers that be cant help but announce it to the world as if they get power or are giving power to what ever controls tis world ,its kinda like a “symbol” or “totum”.

If all we are is vibrating particles then can we be controlled by different rates of frequency’s to were it can convince the mind into a false reality.The way the ancient stores of history are written like Sumer and others regarding the interactions with their gods it seems that they new things they should not have,lie the outer solar system what lies there (we didn’t find out till the early 90’s).

We find they speak of magic and ritual practices which always include blood (the younger and purer the better) and rhythmic music to call on them or to at least control there worldly perception.Today you hear a lot of singers and song writers speak of being in a type of trance (possession) when performing,and how they made a deal with something to get rich, friends family around them speak that its like there not the same person,i have seen many interviews from old rock stars to the rappers of today and all say the same thing even movie stars.And the higher up the ladder the more evil you become craving children for sex, sacrifice and to torture,it even seems the government and the royals have been worshiping the same monster.

I have written many of the names that this being goes by and there are many it seems it has one in every language and religions world-wide we know him as satan so starting from there and making are way back we get many names but one of the earliest was SATURN.Even here and now he is worshipped with Saturday,and christmas was really a holiday for SATURN ,the tree in the house and many other traditions all for him.Along with the “hexagon” and the “cube” and any rendition of it plus there’s colors one being “purple” which came from the people who started it the “phonicians”.We also find others heck SATURN even has his own symbol from ancient times to call him.And the strange thing is that the planet is transmitting the strangest frequency right now and i urge anyone to listing to it,when i did i couldn’t believe that sound was coming from a planet ,like the rings work to help in transmission.In my next blog in this series i will get into the connection of the symbols and the company’s that tend to use it.


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