Being an american no longer means you have a choice in anything not your body,not your kids,not anything.

As we see the tyranny of this government for this week with their fear porn on vaccines which mind you is their  newest attempt because the b.s ebola from months ago was a flop,so they needed a new agenda to push their poison on us and our children.

Its even being pushed that parents that don’t into being labeled as “terrorist”,(anybody seeing a pattern here that if you don’t want to do something they want you to do even after its been known to hurt,disable,or even kill  your instantly labeled as “terrorist” )

Can anyone really think of anything the government forces you to do that has been helpful,healthy or even good for you and the surrounding environment(that’s a blog worth of info by itself for a later date)

History has proved time and time again that ANYTIME they put their money hungry hands into something they destroy and do more damage to what there supposedly “fixing”.Look at the food industry and GMO,look at their ideas for medicine and vaccines,Chemo therapy to kill cancer ,but the radiation kills you quicker then the cancer half the time(mind you there are proven healthy was to cure it but they can’t charge anybody so they will tell you it wont (look at b-17 in fruit seeds).

Not to mention what they been doing to the weather and dropping poison from the skies (for those that never look up).And no matter how many whistle blowers come out and expose them for who they are some of you are so dumbed down (fluoride they put in the water you drinks,that was their idea also).

It really boggles my mind that almost everyone knows TPTB want us dead and drain our life force for their own consumption,we know this to be true also,but somehow we have these people represent us and let them make decision for us and i say how much longer?




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