How Woman Have Been Brainwashed To Think Working Is More Powering Then Careing For Thier Family’s :

When we look back several generations at the time when mothers thought it more important to be the foundation of the family structure,when they raised the kids rather than work all day, because it was determined the best way to bring down the family structure.convincing the woman they were slaves to their households but this can’t be further from the truth and here’s why.

From around  the early 60s to now there has been an escalation in crime in this country and i think it has to do with mothers no longer raising their own kids,by not surrounding kids with a constant love that can only come from a mother and leaving them to be watched in a daycare setting to be raised by strangers your changing a fundamental ingredient that the early brain can absorb in development.

There is a saying that a special ingredient in a mothers cooking is love and I think that’s more true than you can imagine,when a mother enjoys taking care of their family you can even taste it in the cooking its like actually putting positive energy in the food

I would even state that you can feel a difference of energy when you walk into a complete household where the woman of the house is the one that care for the house it’s a literal “warm” feeling the home absorbs ,the loving vibes that surrounds you.Im willing to bet that there would be less crime today if woman continued to raise their kids in that kind of environment and i think its a shame women were tricked and down right bullied into a equal rights lie,because the homemaker has the real power in the home.


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