I been studying the concept of Saturn worship and how the ones that run this reality see this thing as a god,but it seems to be that there is a constant use of the hexagon or cube and how it’s portrayed in many and every way thinkable plus the color and combinations there used in to further push its control on the rest of humanity.

One of the things that can’t be denied is the importance Saturn played in the ancient world ,there were many cultures that worshiped the “Lord Of The Rings” each giving him their own name  and dutys but all had him as the god of judgement or punishment and all would sacrifice their babys to him as he was always depicted eating the young,so they would build huge fires under the idol of Saturn till the iron glowed red and then place the child on the idol.

When we finally were able to send a probe to the mighty planet there were some very strange storms located at its poles one in the shape of an eye” and even crazier the other has a rotating storm in the shape of a “hexagon” ,now we have to ask yourself how ancient man knew to make that the symbol of this planet well before the telescope.Was it just luck,or maybe beings (fallen angels) told there followers (Saturn is also known as satan),or do we believe that Saturn was at one time much closer to us.All of the ancient religions have used the shape from the star of David to the cube of Mecca and even the cross can be seen as a cube opened up.

Personally it really has to make you think if what we been told about the beginnings of religions and how the same people started all of them to control the masses weather through obedience or through wars over them.Now im not saying there is no god there is a creator that im sure of and a christ,but were told that satan is the god of this world and its said the old testament god is the father but the jews knew him as yahway and he was known as saturn.And we know that the books that mad it into the bible were decided on by powerful men and from day one powerful men were always evil men so you have to wonder if maybe the right god was slipped out and this could be the great “delusion” that were told about,who knows.This is just a scratch at the surface and as you look around the world you will see that the hexagon or cube is in every major corporation symbol so it would seem it still controls us and i want to know why,why this symbol why this planet.


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