How long brothers and sisters will we allow these monster’s stand up and mock and twist scripture to try to convince us they’re doing the lords work.Obama,Kerry,Palosie,damn near all of them,the lord says you can tell a tree by its fruit and the many many rotten fruits (which have gmo’s) they want us to swallow rolling down from the top of capitol hill.

They attack are freedoms and rights that were giving to us by god not them with god’s word and they think most of us buy it hook line and sinker.i would like to believe that most of us don’t but it seems a lot of you will take what they and the main stream media’s word,and then attack those of us that don’t take every word they dump out of there evil face.

They attack the country in every way they can by pumping poison in our air,and in the food we eat,to change us biologically and psychologically.Are kids get it the worse from the smut they put in the music and t.v  promoting celebrities to turn our kids into whore or gay or even to be sexually active (look at Miley Cyrus,Brittany,and many more) and if they get pregnant just kill it it’s not alive yet(but when you go to the dr to confirm it they look for a HEARTBEAT.fools) so whats the big deal.

We can’t discipline our kids which is why this generation is even out of control and have no respect but its fine for them to shoot and kill them (even though there lying about that).But because there just pushing our children through the grades with this “no child left behind” B.Swere going to have a generation that easily manipulated and controllable,their even setting our kids against us by trying to get them to rat out their own parents that don’t agree with their doctrine,and to have them STEAL THEIR PARENTS GUNS AND TAKE THEM TO SCHOOL WTF !! Lets see how many are shoot doing that,all because they want to take our constitutional right to own an assault weapon,why do I have one,because the government has them and if those criminals have them i to should have them.

These people have made deals with satan himself all the “globalist” as their called why else do you think there trying to find ways to live forever with technology and transhumanism,because when they die they have to pay satan his payment of their souls think about it,it’s not just the fear of death its the fear of knowing where they are going


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