Now im going to start by saying sorry because i don’t know how to import pictures or any of that to my blog,but by now you should have an idea of the collection of crime scene evidence and may have to do a lite bit of looking up yourself,again sorry.

Ok lets start with the story,a man angry about how black people have been killed by police starts to post disturbing things on twitter along with photos of a gun(remember the gun we will get back to it) and the koran (of course).So he shots his girl then post a picture of his leg with some blood on it,leaves and so happens to come across two cops that he shots in the head at point-blank range while their in the car,he then runs with his angry and apparent radicalized ass (he shot two cops so he must,and reads the koran)runs down into the subway and shoots himself,during this time witnesses say the two officers after each taking one in the head opens there doors and falls out of the car onto the ground.

There’s the run down,now pull up the ny post they have around 15 shots of the crime scene of the car from different angels and of what he posted one being of the gun he used,now it being a high-powered caliper hand gun it should have been able to go through the metal of the car like butter but you will notice that the drivers window isn’t shattered,also the lack of blood found on the drivers window and windshield after having two heads which should have exploded(a good way to think about it is take PULP FICTION in mind when travollta shot marvin in the head,something to that aspect).

With the exception of a small puddle of blood from where the men were on the ground there is literally no blood in,on,or on the outside of the car.When you look at the photo he posted of his leg after he shot his girl(that he didn’t mean to put still posted a pic and comment for) we notice again the lack of blood and he didn’t have a lace in that pic but the picture of him on the stretcher he has one in (not major but odd).And one more quick thing on the gun,it was a very nice gun, that wasn’t bought in an ally,so who owned that gun and how did he get it there should be a paper trail on it(I would love to see the documents).

So that was just a few of the wrongs i seen .Not to mention they were doing a drill for terrorism and were placed there,but anybody who decides they were fed up enough to start shooting cops is not going to take themselves out,they will take as many as they can before there taking out.Like i said that’s just the start agree disagree i just ask you use your brain.Plus the protest were dieing down so they had to start the separation again so it stays in our minds,and to keep up in fear of so-called radicalized muslims look there attacking everywhere look under your bed before you go to sleep. 


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