I had a few thoughts about the “hacks” on SONY and the casinos and how its going to be the smoke and mirrors agenda to take away are internet freedoms.

I have learned over the years that anything that happens to big company’s is never an accident,and if its covered by the news then its a plan event to screw us somewhere down the line.The alphabet corporations have the best computer hackers in the world and the ones that they can’t blackmail to work for them end up in jail,so it seems more likely that we did the attacks in order to have the stories make the news because they need to promote fear to have the lie of protecting us.

Now here is what i think,they been having problems with the group anonymous making them look stupid by not being able to stop what ever they shut down,along with people spreading there thoughts and opinions across the web(like how we point out there lies and exposing the police state just to name a few).So they need to stop our freedoms without coming out and saying it ,so they hack SONY and the casinos and say that there is going to be attacks on movie theaters like 9/11 (so you visualize the destruction).

Keep in mind it’s just a thought but it seems to be a ongoing theme when they want to take are rights.The censorship has already started with youtube and google with videos being taking down and people’s channels being shut down,we need to pull together and keep what little freedom we still have.


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