You have to wonder how America plans on funding four wars on four different fronts,being over $18 trillion in dept and wanting to engage with russia when their already spending our money butting its nose in the middle east(which our dictator said he would end way at the start of his reign but you know how he can be when he tries to use words).But he finds it easier and less conspicuous to fund ISIS when were already there seeing how they need some terrorist group to keep us under their watchful (reptilian)eye.

And then there is the grand lie in Africa (ebola) to dump more money into,plus a small army to set up shop and start the raping of their diamonds and resources ,because the day a government made disease can use guns and we need soldiers to battle it is the day we should just lie down and die.

With us wasting what little money we have to care for the non working americans Obama feels we should pile on 5 million more mouths to care for with the immigrants the few tax payers are made to pay for and add to the crippling of the economy for the next several generations,but let’s do what America does and poke our nose in where it don’t belong at start poking the bear and be world dictators because Obama isn’t satisfied with doing it to just America.

Then last but not least there is my favorite one by far and that is the one that Obama and our government are waging on their own people that we the tax-payers get to fund to further enslave our self and to be brutalized   and even killed by the ones we pay to protect us (granted I think more than a few are staged but there are many that are not).They are putting more camera’s and microphones in everyplace they can,even admitting there doing it illegally while they bump up the label of a terrorist to include almost everyone and say its to protect us.

 I often wonder how much more it all can take before the whole thing goes belly up.Its a shame that we as people will never stop being played by them using lies and keeping us separated by things like race,democrat,republican,left,right,and many other useless things.

The rest of the world stereotypes the american people as evil fools to stupid to stand up to our crooked government,it’s a shame and to be American doesn’t have the feeling of pride it use to have,i like to think we will one day get that pride back.


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