first i will say i believe 110% in defending and standing up for what is right and i didn’t want to touch on this subject but after reading about the direction it has turned i feel i should ..

I’m going to state that i think this was planned,they wanted to start this sooner with Treyvon Martin but it didn’t escalate to this,so with the continuing help from MSM (why do you think the only news mentioned these days is white cops shooting young black men,do you honestly believe that the cops would keep shooting black kids,now a 12 year old.the police attack all races the news just wants to fuel a civil war)they have the protesters doing all the work for them with people choosing sides.

I don’t think that the people who protested the night of the jury announcement went out and burned down their town or were shooting at innocent fire fighters,no one is that stupid,the government and some out-of-towners took advantage of the situation(I don’t doubt there were a few bad eggs every town has a few)but it was to make the rest of the world look at the protesters like animals,so people will be more divided on it,can you see the process yet but the ones that are still running around thinking there fighting the oppressors are wrong.

You ones protesting stopping highways,piling into stores and stopping the flow of innocent people are not doing anything its sad but true but i condemn your effort but you are dragging people who in turn you are trying to defend,your effecting minimum wage workers some have to clean up after you or causing them to be late and could lose there jobs and bringing down a whole family,then stopping traffic halting emergency personal saving lives,what if it’s a friend or family of yours that dies ,could you live with that.

To be honest your protest will never even effect the ones you’re trying to ,you will never see or stop the ones that truly control everything(the ones behind the curtain).Everyone you think is in charge has someones hand up their ass its been that way forever,but i can tell you that playing their game and letting them separate us by something as stupid as race.following someone and doing something for their reasons is not doing anything for your reason,STOP GIVING THEM A REASON TO OPPRESS US.


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