POLITICS=poli means “MANY,tics are “A BLOOD SUCKING PARASITE” they could be trying to with tell us something.

Being unemployed (like many)at the moment i spend alot of time online watching and reading about the events that make up the everyday world.All the crime ,destruction,death and terror found in the articles and you tube and a few things come to mind as i do this.

First i hope the lord is going to soon collect us and bring us home and that i done everything needed to get my ticket,becuse it seems the planet is fast tracming its way to the end times and no matter how much i wish people could just stop doing the evil things they do to each other and end the hate. 

The greatest thing i ever did in my life was have a son,and it fills me with joy to know he had a head on his shoulders it is a respectful and kind and for a teenager in this day and age with the amount of influence theconomy ats out there for our children and how the government want to start brain washing them from day one ,Obama even thinks that both parents should work and we should let the government raise or kids because taxing both parents would be better for the economy.Any parent that can say that about there teenager should be proud.

I can tell you that it gets tough at times when your kid asks you why is there so much wrong and hate in tbe world i cant tell him everything like how the ones that represent us as a nation are out to xestroy the american idea of freedom and how money is what drives most of the evil that people ,how they beleive all of us should have to be poisoned from our food and vacines,how the they take advantage of the poor by taking them for every dime they can squeeze out of us,how for some reason right now taking on millions of immagrents and just letting american men,women,and children go hungry and cold along with tbe sick and elderly to die ,and how we that scream for change and equality are dooped by petty hings like sports phones and reality t.v are more important to most others would rather not even think about it,the they know the better and then there are those that come together because of color and do they know how to use that one.But i cant hav him going to school with that kind of thinking,i would be looked at like a enemy of the state.

Besides no teenager should have to be thinking about that.So i tell him that some people are just out to do bad things but we have to do extra good to make up for it.And i try to sheild him from the world,but between you and me there are moments that i wonder whats going to be left for our kids,what kind of world will they  have if we cant change things .


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