FERGUSON PSY-OP:A night of government orcastrated violence

I would like to think that tbe protest (riots) of Mike Brown made a change and how it brought the country together to rally against the police brutality and how it spread across from state to state.But the night of the protest i saw a town completely out of control,watching CNN and reading post from “reddit” and “twitter” seeing reports of B&E and fires from people there you can only ask why.Why would a town that rallys up for one of its own go and destroy and burn down store after store,along with many reports of gun shots,protestors shooting at the fire dept not letting them put out the fires.And haveing Mike Brown Sr yell “Burn it down”,and thats what happend,they even burned down his church (karma?)

But then i started seeing alot of out of place things that didn’t add up.Im going to say it now that im just stateing what i see im not picking sides or talking about my feelings on the verdict i wasn’t there and i dont beleive any of them enough.

The first thing that was targeted was a police car as if it was left there for a group to attack and start the mood.Now where did the cop that drove that car go,did he get chased away,did they drag him away and take it by force,and did he feel his life was in danger,why did he not shoot at the mob(while the car was on fire i noticed what looked like molten metal,therorite?)

Then started the so called”teargas” as far as CNN said.Those are some hard core reporters being able to still talk and report and not have snot and vomit running out of there face and they even tried to correct the report that it was gas(anyone know what you look like after you breath gas).

In less then 20 min there were at least five buildings broking into and on fire and 10 min after that they were completely engulfed in flames (what were they useing for a starter rocket fuel),that and i find it strange that it was for the most part only the big corperate companys that have the best insurence and got paid big for the fires,along with wipeing out 2000 jobs leading to the few employed people not being able to keep there homes and families afloat (average ameican would be homeless loseing 3 weeks of pay thats all).

Then they want you to beleive that there were rioters shooting at the police and not a single gun fight no one shoot and killed but a  single unarmed with the eyes of a demon needed to be shot multiple times.Its all to make us think that the people of ferguson are animals and to promote fear to the rest of the country when people try to protest the so called civilized people will beg to have the police state in your town.It was all government orcastrated why else did they have the army stand down and the police only protected the station.



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