NAFTA=New Agenda Of Freedoms Total Annialation Part 2


What would happen if you take all the family’s that are down on their luck and are getting help from the government whether it be welfare ,disability,insurance,or food stamps and there are many some collecting more than one,and we see what that is doing to our depravity as of now its over $50,000 per person (how one person could cost that much baffles me)now add over 5 million more to it how much can this country take before it goes completely belly up.

Its to the point were minimum wage is not enough to live but consider yourself lucky if you can work at all ,but take people who will work for less and longer (the mexicans people have always been hard workers )but a boss can now hire illegals for less so how do the american people compete.I think this is part of evil plan by the government to further destroy the american people.Through dependency ,think about it anyone who needs some kind of aid eventually gets to a point were they become fully dependable on it,right now there are many family’s in this situation.

So now you have many people geting help,that is needed (their is no shame in that) and with obama care which the money has to come from some where so the hard-working middle class get taxed more and more to fund the operation.Now for some reason we all have to have isurence other wise  you can be subject to fines and even jail time.(why?)Before now I went almost 12 years without it having worked under-the-table jobs most my life,now im not working and by no choice of my own i have to contribute to the decline,it bothers me that hard working people are stuck paying for me,many of which have had there medical double.

Now don’t misunderstand me I’m all for equality but we have more than enough starving homeless people in the U.S right now should we not help the ones that are here already before we take on more,and being homeless is starting to be a crime along with feeding the poor(there is going to be a major round-up of the homeless,what did you think all the FEMA camps were for).So add multiple millions the o that strain get them dependable on the help then when the economy finally gives and all the help is gone how many family’s will be in the shit,how many people will starve on the streets,people will start to riot or watch there kids starve to death.This is what i fear will happen are economy can’t survive with that kind of strain.I hope im wrong.


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