What i think about ferguson.

First im going to say i find it strange that after 102 days no one still has not seen or heard this so called Darrin Willson,not the news not anyone on the street,you have to think that someone would have caught a video on there phone or something,i know about the one and the station footage which i don’t think it verafies anything,plus the only pictures of him are only a handful they use them for everything and they look staged to me.

so what if this was set up to cause a potential race war,seeing how this is being portrayed as the biggest thing going on in the U.S,shit whats going on with the ebolie situation and the gas pipeline and all those other things that seem to be going on by chance during this,besides over shadowing other important matters a all out riot could prompt marshall law,causeing a chain reaction and spread across the country.

Now i will be the first to say the police are out of control there are many examples to many to list,and everyone getting together to protest is great,but its being portrayed as a race situation black against white with people tweeting that they need to attack white people for pay back with people like the black panthers and the KKK throwing gas on the fire.Im not saying that in some situations white cops are more out to attack black folks but we are all being attacked as a human race,the government have there ways to divide us at every turn and as long as they can play us the can control us,that needs to stop people and we need to push to get our rights back TOGETHER! 

Some of you won’t like it but i think useing Mike Brown as the rally cry is wrong its been shown that he was a bit of a bully and not to talk ill of him but there have been more deserving reasons to stand up for our rights kids being shoot,blacks killing each other with gang violence,plus police killing and hurting vets and children and attacking whole familys like there the gostoppo,but useing the white cop killing the black kid takes away the main reason away and makes people choose a side from the start.As humans we are all being oppressed its not right to blame peole that had nothing to do with slavary and all the torment the black race went through in the past on people whos parents or even great grandparents never owned one.Plus no matter what race or clor you are if you let anyone oppress you or stand in your way its no ones fault but your own 

Not out to offend my closest friends are of many races.Lets stand together and get back our rights back!


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