Respect your elders,who knows how long the government will let them live.

There has finaly been talk of the obamacare death panels something i been talking about for almost a year and i been called crazy ,the government would never do that,or this is modern times we evolved past the dark ages is some of the things i would get from people,well i read the bill awhile ago and it was there along with not having any expectations of privacy meaning the government was not being HIPPA compliant but to get to the point it seems that if the government thinks grandma is costing the tax payers too much they might just pull the plug.Now i along with many believed that obamas plan for everyone who couldn’t afford health insurance would have a chance to get it which sounded great but then there was the taxes that targeted the middle class and not the rich and i never understood why it had to become against the law with a fine and jail time for not having it,i went 15 years without it but now i have to help bring down the defasite,but you have to wonder how Canada gives it to the whole country for free with not much issue but why is it killing america.Well we see that Canada only takes care of their own and not take care of every illegal that walked over our now completely destroyed border which no other country in the world will let me cross their borders without i.d and have them pay for me to have a kid and support my illegal family but america has to or the race card gets pulled.Remember the so-called children that we needed to let in and help(now im not races and being a father i can not help children but they were lying to us by letting killers and rapist into the country they even killed a few police and people in thee homes not to mention the real children were being thrown into sex rings so did it real do that much good,or as always it was something to keep us fighting with each other while our leaders did real damage behind our backs.If we could afford it i say help the world but we need to take care of our own country’s problems before we should ever try to help the rest of the world we truly waste more money we don’t have over seas and no other country does and no one calls them racist and heartless so has america become that much of a push over…



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