what does it mean to be patrioctic

I’m willing to bet  you get a different answer from everyone you ask whether true patriotism is measured by the act of following orders from your commanders or government without question or thinking for yourself no matter if what is asked is morally right or not,the soldier that can gun down a village of woman and children or even unarmed men to help suppress a country and rob its resources,or even if its your own country and fellow americans because your government property and have to follow orders without question,but how far can that really allow you an excuse when the day comes that america is completely run and freedom is a thing of the past.

Or is true patriotism measured by doing whats right in your heart and standing up tn people who want to hurt and control the people and country that you took an oath and swore to protect regardless whether your orders were because you know what there doing is wrong and you have honor and can’t stand by and watch  it continue.i would like to believe that no one truly goes into service to kill and suppress people because there something wrong with them mentally(i would think that there was a test to determine that before they hand them a gun).

but more and more were seeing the first type being displayed in the military (im not saying everyone in military is bad there are good ones still out there i believe those that feel that way leave when they can so were more or less left with the bad)and with the police,it would seem that a lot of ex military are becoming cops,the ones that enjoy oppressing the masses because how militarized law enforcement is becomeing.Its basic psychology if you give someone that kind of gear and weaponry and put them through war like training and send them into a group of civilians then programing kicks in regardless whether there is a threat or not,they want to use what they have,besides its been stated that if the police want to keep the gear th DHS donated them they have to show they need it or they will lose it.

So if you happen to be a cop maybe before you do something maybe you should really look into what you think it means to you to be patriotic and what was the reason you wanted the job to begin with.


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