oh boy elections…

Its almost election time ,how great it is to live in a country were we can all choose who we feel will steer the country in a direction that will bring us to a better future of prosperity and growth…..

At least thats what they want us to beleve but as we have seen they put in who they want to be there puppet and truthfully i wouldnt be surprised if that war monger dosen’t know where jobs come from and speaks out her ass was put in office just to make you think that haveing men in the white house hasn’t worked so far so we should try a woman plus its to further promote equality for women,look what they did with putting a black man in there people beleved things would be better because he wouldnt forget about ghettos and the people at the so called bottom but he destroyed the country worse then the last four morons before him at a record speed.Which is a shame because a black man could very well be the solution just not one thats controled.We as a people need to come together and stop letting them cause us to be more coserned with race and terrorist(the only terrorist i see are them) and all the other bull shit and pull together to drive them out so we can build this country back to what it was because everyday we loose more and more freedoms and soon we will have nothing left to leave our kids and there kids i dont want to tell my grandkids if im allowed to still have some one day andhave to tell them how my generation lost it all and were really more conserned about reality t.v and sports and bull shit raceism to bother.There is a serious race problem out there its the human race and its being enslaved and its truly world wide….just think about it….you’ll get it.


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