welcome a quick view of what to expect from me

So as i was sitting drinking coffee a thought came to me,i realizd that i was truly feed up with the lies of the mainstream media and the continues propaganda that infects are every day lives and a thought came to me if the powers that be can ram there shit down my thought and infect my visual cortex with constint rubbish to brain wash me you and our children,(lord not the children,lol)then why cant i help expose it and maybe bring a few people to the way i see things unfolding and playing out,and if i can wake a few people up while doing it hooray for me.

We as in you,me and every normal person thats in the race to the middle are subjected to a continuous onslought to are five senses every minute of every day from the peole that we supposedly slected to be in charge of our best intrest,now think of that for a moment there basically the ones that we think of having not us but more inportantly our familys best intrest in mind.But they attack us with poisoning our bodys through the food we eat and the GMO agenda,to the water we drink with flouride that which we know is in there and telling us nevermind what they dont tell us,to even the air we breath with the chemtrails that  they admit there putting in the air.So ill be covering this and many other topcs and i hope you can see and find out for yourself.


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